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Ignore excellence, be sloppy in execution – if you don’t care about success!

indice massimo di caduta nelle opzioni digitali Once a master sculptor had just finished creating his most exquisite idol (on which he had been working for many months), when he suddenly seemed to realize something amiss. After intensely scrutinizing the form that he had just given life … Continue reading

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Six reasons why I will continue avoiding media in 2017!

How to stay motivated working from home It is more than 12 years, since I stopped reading newspapers and watching television. After I moved away from employment into my own venture, my focus sharpened and my priorities drastically narrowed. My mental peace, energy levels and productivity became paramount in my … Continue reading
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Execution is Everything – Everything Counts!

source link A man once ruefully recounted his also-ran life to his friend and said, ‘You know what, I, actually, wanted to become a doctor and create a positive impact in the lives of people, … just like my father’. His friend … Continue reading

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So, you poison yourself every day! Answer these questions to yourself, honestly. Do you start each day by flipping through the newspaper? Do you regularly watch boisterous television debates or revel in soaps or worse still, get emotionally involved in woeful news casts on television? Have … Continue reading
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