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Wayward to forward

Last year, I was not using a smart phone. However, I wanted to get a feel of mobile applications and hence installed an Android simulator on my laptop. Using the simulator, I could run and experience many apps including social … Continue reading

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The show is not over yet!

We can define our life in many ways – as a set of experiences, as the number of projects executed, as a game, as the number of breaths still left for each one of us etc. In fact, Scott Hanselman … Continue reading

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Ignore excellence, be sloppy in execution – if you don’t care about success!

Once a master sculptor had just finished creating his most exquisite idol (on which he had been working for many months), when he suddenly seemed to realize something amiss. After intensely scrutinizing the form that he had just given life … Continue reading

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Remembering the dispellers of darkness!

Last week, the eastern world celebrated a special occasion. Like each year, Hindus, Jains and Buddhists in India, Nepal and all over the world, observed ‘Guru Purnima’, which is the first full moon night after summer solstice, in the Hindu … Continue reading

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“You are responsible for my suffering” – Oh! really …

I do not know how humanity existed before my time. But now, I can see that almost everyone is in some conflict or the other, always. And everyone keeps blaming someone else or something else for their suffering. The husband … Continue reading

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Six reasons why I will continue avoiding media in 2017!

It is more than 12 years, since I stopped reading newspapers and watching television. After I moved away from employment into my own venture, my focus sharpened and my priorities drastically narrowed. My mental peace, energy levels and productivity became paramount in my … Continue reading

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Find the right audience who ‘see’ your ‘real value’

Once, a boy asked his father, “What is the value of life?” The boy’s father gave him a stone and said, “Find out the value of this stone, but don’t sell it.” The boy took the stone to an fruit … Continue reading

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Execution is Everything – Everything Counts!

A man once ruefully recounted his also-ran life to his friend and said, ‘You know what, I, actually, wanted to become a doctor and create a positive impact in the lives of people, … just like my father’. His friend … Continue reading

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Are you effective? Read this and you will know …

The Effective Executive – Oh My God! What a striking force, Peter Drucker starts this book with! I could feel its power piercing through my impervious grey layers, right from its first paragraph in Preface. It reads like this: “Management … Continue reading

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So, you poison yourself every day!

Answer these questions to yourself, honestly. Do you start each day by flipping through the newspaper? Do you regularly watch boisterous television debates or revel in soaps or worse still, get emotionally involved in woeful news casts on television? Have … Continue reading

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