The Money Is In the List

In my previous post, I had written about freedom from the slavery of employment. I had also summarized the financial success formula in a simple equation, viz., Wealth = f(Value, People). If the People factor is huge, i.e., the LIST OF PEOPLE to whom we can provide value is big, then the Wealth potential naturally increases.

This brings to us the most critical lesson in any business endeavor – The bigger the LIST OF PEOPLE, the higher the wealth we can create and hence the faster we can get to the point of financial success and freedom.

How to create, maintain, give value and monetize such a LIST OF PEOPLE?

In my previous post, I was giving away a free eBook/video and was also referring to a training course on online marketing, which had LIST as its central theme.

While a formal training program will help, some of you will find it lighter and easier to start off with a book that deals with the subject in a lighter way, yet with actionable details. Here is one such book by Jimmy Kim – The Money Is In The List: The Art Of Making Money Online – that could break the ice and get you started on the journey towards financial freedom.

For some of you, this book may give the life-changing “AH-HA” moment. Whatever it is, for many and for sure, it will help discover a method (that has its foundation in online marketing), which will set you on a path to  financial freedom.

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  1. Ram Ganesan says:

    In the words of S Baachi in his book “The professional” the art of creating a network and its use is simply but beautifully explained. While I do not wish to explain in detail, there are essentially three key components which leads one to an effective “Influencer”

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